All About Automotive Packaging

On the one hand, packing goods such as machinery or foods for transportation is quite simple. On the other hand, packing autos for transportation is a nightmare for the logistics industry. The complexity of the auto industry needs a wide range of materials plus the capability to design customised solutions. There are two types of packaging available for the auto industry: returnable or expendable packaging. Both these types of packaging must have the ability to withstand extreme stress over a long distance.

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The first job lies in packing the loose items inside the vehicle in such a way so that they do not come apart during the transportation process. This auto manufacturer undertakes this job. Once completed, the manufacturer contacts a professional transportation company who have heavy duty vehicles required to transport the autos. The cars are first placed inside wooden boxes and strapped tightly so that they do not slip out of the box. The autos are placed inside the vehicle, side by side, into a container, using cranes or forklifts. Once the floor of the transportation vehicle is filled with cars, another layer of cars are placed above the first layer. On a typical basis, the transport vehicle accommodates up to three layers of cars, stacked on top of each other.

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The transporter must take into consideration the total weight of the loaded vehicles and ensure that their vehicle can support such loads. On a typical basis the loaded truck is weighed before it commences its journey. The transporting agency should also take extreme care when loading the autos inside the boxes to ensure that the vehicles are not damaged. They should also ensure that the driver of the vehicle does not open the doors of the cars inside the containers as doing so might damage the auto. This is a huge hassle for makers of cars on large or medium trade lanes. However, the market for transporting autos in containerised vehicle logistics is slowly but surely gaining ground because of its speed in shipping to specific markets as well as its flexibility. A number of cassette, rack, and other loading systems have simplified the unloading and loading process as well. This is the main reason behind the growth of the automotive packaging industry in the recent past. If this is not enough, the costs of containerised shipping has decreased due to the problems in the wider carrier market.